Logo Design

June 2013 - Present


A logo is an integral part of a company or a project's identity. It should combine lots of magic ingredients to succeed: distinctive graphics, memorable feelings, and an unmistakable message.

When a designer is assigned to create a logo, this can be a demanding task. As a creator, it is an opportunity that often is the most daunting and yet the most exciting to tackle. It involves a tremendous amount of research and brainstorming. At times dozens of iterations of the logo are made before creating a final version that becomes the face of a brand.

Here are a collection of logos I've designed over the past eight years:

Winner Takes All Logo

May 2019

Winner Takes All is a clothing brand for personal training and to promote health and wellbeing. This was a freelance project I was hired to work on. The logo has been designed as an emblem to depict strength and to be a winner.

Lendoop Logo

August 2018

Lendoop allows users to hire or to rent unused household or leisure items online for a profit. I was hired to work freelance to design the company logo and stationery. The logo is a custom and modern typeface font, using an infinity icon for the O's to represent an ongoing and circling transaction between customers.

Tarweeah Kitchen Logo

May 2015

Tarweeah Kitchen is a small catering business that specialises in Mediterranean cuisine. I was hired to work freelance to design the company logo and its food and beverage packaging. The word "Tarweeah" means breakfast in Arabic. The custom typeface is intended to be reminiscent of a smile framing the English typeface.

Avant Garde Agency Logo

May 2016

Avant Garde Agency is a digital marketing and development agency. I was hired to work freelance to design the company logo, iconography, website design, and build. The logo is a custom typeface that can be perceived as experimental or unorthodox, typically defined with Avant-garde design. This is evident in the composition of the letters 'A' and 'G.'

Cirro, Inc. Logo

June 2018

Cirro, Inc. develops software platforms and offers data exploration and analysis solutions. The logo was designed during my employment at Cirro. The word "Cirro," meaning "curl," describes a high cloud that is usually composed of wispy ice crystals. The Cirro logo has been designed to communicate just that with a cloud with wave-like curves. The cloud is also a metaphor for data being stored in the cloud.

Time Framed Logo

June 2020

Time Framed is an ongoing project specialising in framed typeface mementos to commemorate a significant moment in a person's life. The logo was designed purposely for stamp purposes to include it in the corner of each product. The stamp effect is meant to depict a stamp of approval.

dbKoda Logo

April 2017

dbKoda is a modern open-source database development and admin tool. The logo was designed during my employment at Southbank Software. The 3D logo uses the company abbreviation DBK to form a box or database. The use of camelcase text is commonly used while programming.

Unclique Logo

November 2017

Unclique is a podcast that battles with discussions about everyday issues. I was hired to work freelance on the podcast's logo. The logo is a custom typeface that's cut equally in half to depict the podcast's debated issues.

Aviate Airways Logo

January 2017

Aviate Airways is a fictional airline created and designed for demo purposes during my employment at Elenium Automation. Elenium Automation specialises in self-service technology and applications. The logo was used in Elenium applications to showcase potential branding opportunities for customers. The abstract icon represents two overlapping a's, or arrows pointing upward, creating a top view of a flying object.

Grand Hyatt Gatsby Themed Logo

October 2014

The Gatsby-themed Grand Hyatt logo was created during my employment and to promote the 2014 employee Christmas Party. The logo is heavily inspired by the art deco style of the 1920s and 1930s. The logo is echoic of a 1922 Rolls-Royce bonnet. An owl is a common theme at Grand Hyatt Melbourne, nodding to Australia's indigenous traditions.

Laziz Cafe & Bar Logo

May 2015

Laziz Cafe & Bar is a small cafe that specialises in Mediterranean cuisine. I was hired to work freelance to design the company logo. The word "Laziz" means sweet or pleasant in Arabic. The custom typeface is robust, bold, and easy to read. The icon showcases a birds-eye view of a cup and saucer.

Mylk'd Logo

July 2018

Mylk'd specialises in raw, soy-free, and vegan almond milk. I was hired to work freelance and design the company logo and milk bottle labels. The logo was purposely designed as an outlined icon for stamp purposes; this was a play on marking cattle. The logo depicts an almond being milked or extracted.

Innovation Kitchen Logo

June 2013

Innovation Kitchen was a Grand Hyatt Melbourne invention. Innovation Kitchen allowed employees to make anonymous suggestions to improve working environments. The logo was designed during my employment at Grand Hyatt Melbourne. The logo's idea was to incorporate a serving cloche covering the word kitchen, implying an anonymous suggestion being covered.

ProvenDB Logo

March 2019

ProvenDB is a Blockchain-enabled database service application. The logo was designed during my current employment at Southbank Software. The wordmark logo uses the letter 'v' as a tick icon to symbolise the action of something being successfully proven. The logo also conveys a vital personality trait: trustworthiness.