MOHR Application

January 2021 - Present


The essence of excellent UX and UI design is to help users complete a given task as time-efficient and straightforward as possible. It is no wonder that an attractive interface and impressive images are of great importance. The core part of making a beautiful design is to deliver users an intuitive and smooth experience.


My Occ Health Record (MOHR) is a versatile platform that not only securely collects and stores employee health data, it also has the ability to turn static data into real-time insights.

The proprietary software gives employers, and employees, the comfort of knowing that they have 24/7 access to their health data; detailed reporting; and business insights, enabling them to make more informed decisions around their health and the health of the workforce as a collective.

MOHR is a project I'm currently working on during my employment at My Occ Health Record. I'm responsible for the development, design, and delivery of new and exsisting features associated with the application. I also designed the iconography used within the application.


MOHR Application Screen 1

MOHR Application Screen 2

MOHR Application Screen 3

MOHR Application Screen 4

MOHR Application Screen 5