BrewChat: Private Large Language Model Platform

SaaS AI Application / February 2023 - Present

BrewChat: Private Large Language Model Platform Main Screen


The BrewChat platform enables you to customise and create private Large Language Models (LLMs), harnessing the power of generative AI to help your business streamline operations, enhance data interactions, and achieve tasks faster.

Connect BrewChat to any data source, and within minutes, craft a customised, secure, and real-time chatbot that provides your workplace with access to valuable insights and data.

Core Deliverables

Wireframes and high-fidelity designs for mobile and desktop, documentation, and design system.

Worked With

Company Directors, CEO, CTO, CFO, Head of Operations, Head of Engineering, and Software Engineers.

Tools Utilised

Figma, FigJam, Illustrator, Jira, and Maze.

Case Study in progress.

Enjoy viewing the final product.