Football Australia: Registrations and Payments Platform

SaaS Application / April 2022 - December 2022

Football Australia: Registrations and Payments Platform Main Screen


Football Australia is the governing body of football in Australia and is a member of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the international governing body for football.

The Football Australia Registrations and Payments platform enables their employees and other regulatory entities within the Football ecosystem to transform how they govern player eligibility and collect payment against registrations.

Core Deliverables

Wireframes and high-fidelity designs for mobile and desktop, documentation, and design system.

Worked With

Head of Design, Project Managers, Product Strategists, Business Analysts, UX/UI Designers, and Software Engineers.

Tools Utilised

Figma, FigJam, Illustrator, Jira, Miro, and Maze.

The Problem

Football Australia and its Member Federations faced an ongoing issue of needing more revenue from unpaid regulation fees each year.

This became an increasingly problematic issue due to the increasing number of clubs bypassing the Football Australia platform and handling their registration and payment process resulting in incorrectly paid fees and fielding ineligible players in matches.

The Goal

Build a reputable online platform embraced and adopted by Member Federations, Associations, Clubs, and other providers.

Deliver a world-class user experience for administration to drive revenue growth, cost efficiencies, and FIFA compliance.

Provide an easy-to-use and accessible ecosystem to manage member identity, communications, and match-day reporting and management, so Football Australia can continue to grow alongside its customers and ensure the integrity and prosperity of football within Australia.

My Involvement

I joined this project as an end-to-end senior designer working alongside other designers, developers, product managers, product strategists, business analysts, and the head of design, starting from discovery and ending with a developer-ready handover.

I researched and created wireframes, ideation (sketches), and user flows. Interactive prototypes to validate concepts, design systems, and high-fidelity designs, led workshops involving JPOs and critical stakeholders from Football Australia, worked with developers to implement procedures, and provided recommendations on how items fit into the current strategy roadmap and presented them to high-level stakeholders.

Biggest Challenge

Before the project commenced, there was a discrepancy between commercial and customer expectations, causing milestone dates to be abruptly moved forward, shortening the research and discovery phase. This had a downstream effect on requirements and acceptance criteria for core design features, leaving the team with great uncertainty to work with to deliver the final solution.


To be determined as the application is currently being built.


To be determined as the application has yet to be released to the public.