ProvenDB: Desktop Application

SaaS Application / March 2019 - December 2020

ProvenDB: Desktop Application Main Screen


ProvenDB is a Blockchain-enabled database service application made by Southbank Software. It provides a high-performance MongoDB-compatible database service with Blockchain attributes of immutability, data provenance, and provability.

Melbourne-based start-up Southbank Software owns ProvenDB. Southbank Software specialises in software development and aims to develop database tools, including using the Blockchain for the next generation of database professionals.

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Core Deliverables

Wireframes and high-fidelity designs, documentation, and material design.

Worked With

CTO, Head of Engineering, and Software Developers.

Tools Utilised

Adobe XD, Illustrator, Zeplin, Jira, Notability, and Balsamiq.

The Problem

In today's digital world, cyber-attacks, document tampering, and digital fraud are rife, leading to security breaches and a loss of trust in digital information. Data is too vulnerable to theft, tampering, and falsification.

ProvenDB's mission was to leverage blockchain capabilities to build a Blockchain-enabled database service that detects back-dating or tampering with historical data.

The Goal

Combine the security and immutability of blockchain technology with the scalability, performance, and usability of a modern database solution.

To build a solution for businesses to trust their data by verifying the accuracy and integrity of their records over time - allowing them to securely store and share data without compromising their privacy, security, or provenance.

My Involvement

I worked alongside the CTO and development team as an end-to-end designer on this project, beginning from discovery, moving to design, and ending with a developer-ready handover.

I researched, and created wireframes, ideation (sketches), user flows, and interactive prototypes to validate concepts, material designs, and high-fidelity designs, worked with developers to implement procedures, and provided recommendations toward our strategic roadmap.

For more information on my design process for ProvenDB, visit my blog post: ProvenDB Brand Identity.

Biggest Challenge

One of the biggest obstacles to this project was convincing users to embrace blockchain capabilities representing a new type of database.

In addition to this, we had to convince code-based users to adopt a touch of design flair, as most database products trended heavily toward a utilitarian monochromatic interface.

Getting engineers to think beyond the numbers and focus on creating a visually appealing experience was a challenge. We needed to make sure the design elements were still functional and not just aesthetically pleasing. We explored several possibilities, ran several tests, and worked closely with the end user to ensure the final product was both graphically attractive and intuitive in its functionality.


Since its launch in 2019, ProvenDB has seen a surge in popularity as businesses across the globe have begun to incorporate its suite of easy-to-use tools into their daily workflow.

The team is committed to providing the best experience for its customers and continues to work diligently to improve the company website and product tools. As the team continues to upgrade and innovate, they strive to ensure the tools meet the highest standards of utility and efficiency.


Since its launch in 2019, ProvenDB has been affiliated with over ten companies, including Microsoft, MongoDB, Blockchain Australia, and the Australian Defence Alliance.

ProvenDB has received overwhelming recognition and awards, including CRN's 'Hottest Big Data Startup' in 2019, APAC CIO Outlook's 'Top RegTech Solution Provider' in 2020, and DBTA's '100 Companies That Matter Most' in 2021.

OneSpan, a cybersecurity technology company, acquired ProvenDB for $2 million in January 2023.