Qantas: Mobile Boarding Application

Native Application / October 2015 - March 2017

Qantas: Mobile Boarding Application Main Screen


During peak traffic hours, customer service agents equipped with the Elenium application can tackle long boarding lines. It also allows agents to assist passengers with missed connections and canceled or delayed flights. Elenium Automation powers Qantas Mobile Boarding. Elenium's Mobile Boarding application is used by various airlines including, Qatar Airways and Cathay Pacific.

The Qantas mobile Boarding Application was a project I worked on during my employment at Elenium Automation. I was responsible for the inception, development, design, and delivery of features associated with the Elenium application. I custom designed and skinned the interface to fit the branding of various airports and airlines.

Core Deliverables

Wireframes and high-fidelity designs.

Worked With

CEO, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Software Developers.

Tools Utilised

Illustrator, OneNote, and Jira.

Case Study in progress.

Enjoy viewing the final product.