SpiceJet: Service Desk Application

Native Application / October 2015 - March 2017

SpiceJet: Service Desk Application Main Screen


SpiceJet Service Desk offers a portable service desk solution to meet contingency or a high volume period. It's used to check-in and board passengers. Elenium Automation powers the SpiceJet Service Desk. Elenium's Service Desk application is operated by various airlines including, Qantas and Cathay Pacific.

The SpiceJet Service Desk was a project I worked on during my employment at Elenium Automation. I was responsible for the inception, development, design, and delivery of features associated with the Elenium application. I custom designed and skinned the interface to fit the branding of various airports and airlines.

Core Deliverables

Wireframes and high-fidelity designs.

Worked With

CEO, Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Software Developers.

Tools Utilised

Illustrator, OneNote, and Jira.

Case Study in progress.

Enjoy viewing the final product.